Thursday, March 18, 2010

Did You Fix Your Bed This Morning?

Do you fix your bed every morning?

I found that when you fix your bed right after you get out of bed it starts your day off right.  I actually read that somewhere (sorry, can't remember where).  I used to get up and just go about my day but ever since I started fixing my bed right after I get up (my husband fixes it mostly) I have a smoother day (the rule in our house is last one out of bed fixes it - so yes, I hardly ever fix our bed!) :)  If you don't do this every morning try it, you'll notice a difference.

Are you drinking your daily dose of water?

I usually drink a bottle of water every morning before I eat breakfast.  When I'm getting ready to take Mark to school, which is around 7am, I fill up a water bottle and make sure I drink it all before I start getting ready (which is when I come back from dropping off Mark).  There was a study done that people who drink water at least an hour before breakfast lose weight easier.  That's what motivated me to start doing this.
As the day goes on you should continue to drink your water.  Some days I feel just awful and I think "oh, I'm not drinking enough water" and it's true, the days I drink my water I feel great.  I don't even take any vitamins or drink any type of "juices" and I get through my day fine. (That's not saying we shouldn't take our supplements, I know I need to).

What form of exercise do you do?

My husband will be the first to tell you that I am lazy.  I do not like to exercise or do much of anything (not saying I don't).  I recognize that this is not good so I started slow.  My form of exercise for now is walking.  I started slow and I'm walking for about 30 minutes every Tuesday and Thursday.  I make sure to do this in the morning so that later on I don't have any excuses not to.  Us moms and dads, have plenty to do during the day and won't have time to do our exercises.  I heard it's better to exercise in the morning anyhow.  It's great to walk and just listen to the birds and the breeze go through the trees.  I also take some time during my walk to say my positive affirmations.

What do you snack on during the day?

I try (the keyword is try) to snack on fruits during the day when I get hungry.  They help curb my appetite, I noticed.  When I eat junk food for snacks they weigh me down and then I get a little lazy.  Plus Maddy sees what I'm eating and wants to eat whatever I'm eating.  Thank goodness she loves fruits and veggies.  Her favorites are strawberries, bananas and pears.  I also love to munch on sunflower seeds which are not bad for you at all.

These are just some ways that I noticed can affect the way my days go.  If I do these things I have positive days. 

I would love to know what you do to start of your day positive! Please share!




  1. These are great ways to make your day a positive one.

    I think making your bed is a big one and the best way to start your day off. There is just something about it that seems to get everything going the right way!

  2. First of all, I want to thank you for stopping by and leaving such a nice comment on my blog! The response I've had from my day as a BON on WOW has been overwhelming, to say the least. I am one of those who has to make my bed every morning, too. In 36 years of marriage I bet I haven't left our bed unmade more than 50 times...not too bad for who knows how many days makes up 36 years! I drink a lot of water and I also enjoy a LOT of walking, especially with my little grandsons I do day care for. We go out with the double stroller and do 4-5 miles each day we go out. My most positive start to my day? As soon as I get up I grab a cup of coffee, my bagel, sit down and read my Bible for half an hour. It makes an amazing start to every day. :-D

  3. Hi! I am over from Wanna Be Balanced Mom and I like your tips. I don't make our bed, but it's because I am always the first one out of it!!! The one thing that keeps us all on track is me getting up and getting ready before everyone else. It gives me the time I need to get organized and presentable before I have to make breakfasts, lunches and deal with the challenges of getting kids to school. Days that I sleep in even a little are always harder.

    So glad I found you!

  4. Checking out your blog on your BON Day! This post caught my eye. I have NEVER been a bed-maker, but I'm tempted to try now. It's funny how I can be so disciplined in some areas (exercise, money), and completely the opposite in others (bed making, for example). But you're right that being intentional about starting the day off right really helps.


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