Saturday, March 6, 2010

Love What You Got

Have you ever felt like an ugly duckling?  Have you ever wanted what someone else has?  Have you ever looked in the mirror and didn't like what you saw?

I will answer "yes" to all of the above.  If you have answered "no" then I applaud you! That is awesome!
The truth is most people will answer "yes".

When I was growing up I was told that I was ugly, my ears were too big, my nose was too big, why couldn't I be like so and so...and this was from a family member!

After a while you believe what you are told and I believed it!  I disliked myself and I had very low self-esteem.  In high school I felt (and this is my belief at the time) that I didn't ever fit in.  I didn't have the "cool" clothes, the clothes that were "trendy".  I felt ugly compared to a lot of other girls.  I wasn't liked by the boys.  I had a lot of boy "friends" but not boyfriends.  I was the "you get what you see" type of girl.  After a while I didn't care what people thought.  Yeah right!  Of course I cared!  After high school I found out that I was "liked" by boys who so bravely told me years later. haha.  Oh well.

Now that I have kids I tell them that they are beautiful the way they are and to LOVE WHAT THEY GOT!
How boring would this world be if we all were Halle Berrys or Orland Blooms (who are gorgeous by the way) but that's my opinion.  Some people might disagree.  I believe that everyone is beautiful in their way. I truly do.  I also try to see the good in everyone.  My son, Mark, reminds me of that all the time.

It wasn't until I attended a training with MITT about 5 years ago that I realized I am beautiful.  My ears and nose were a part of who I am and what I got.

My point is to Love What You Got and you will be a happier person!  You matter and you mean everything to someone. Love yourself as you are.  Don't try to be something or someone you aren't.

Look in the mirror and tell yourself you Love What You Got and appreciate who you are.  God created you!  How do you think He feels when you say you hate "this and that" about yourself or you hate yourself all together.

You ARE beautiful!  Believe me, once you accept What You Got you will have peace within and your true beauty will shine through and everyone will notice.

I am leaving you with this video.


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