Saturday, March 6, 2010

Remind Them of Their Beauty

Children are so wonderful!  I love them!  With each new baby I would think "You just came from Heaven".  They are the closest things to heaven.

As time goes on and they are exposed to the world, they start preschool, then elementary school and so on, they are told negative things throughout their little lives.  It's our jobs as parents to keep nurturing the beautiful flower that they are.

When I was growing up I was told that I was ugly, I had big ears and a big nose.  My step-mom would always compare me to others and tell me "why can't you be like ______".  After a while I believed what she told me and it took me a long time to "unbelieve" everything she told me.

Since I have become a mom, I make sure to tell my kids they are beautiful the way they are.  I remind them of the special gifts God has given them.  I let them know of not only their outer beauty but inner beauty as well.
We are all God's children and He created us all to be beautiful and to share our gifts and talents with one another.  It is our duty to remind our children of this.  To lift them up when they are down because of a nasty comment made to them at school that is not true.

Remind them of their beauty...

Below is a picture of a flower I drew for my friend Amy Snell's daughter Mackenzie.  This flower describes Mackenzie to a T! :)


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