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White To Pink

White To Pink

In my previous post, I showed you how my husband and I converted a tall dresser into a bookshelf.  Click here to see it.   My sister in law gave my 10 year old daughter all of her old furniture.  I found out over the weekend, that even my sister in law was not the original owner.  I was told that the furniture was close to 50 years old! 

If you notice, there's a lot of posts right now, where old furniture is in! 

As part of the set, she gave my daughter a desk and hutch.  I saw some great potential with this set! It would be perfect for my daughter to do her homework on, write letters to friends and keep her little chapter books on, along with some homemade stuff of hers.

I wasn't digging the color though. 

My daughter had been begging us to paint the walls in her room pink but since we are renting, I didn't want to do that. So I promised her we would paint her furniture pink and I'd even let her choose the pink she wanted! Yikes!

We headed over to Sherwin Williams and this is what she chose!  Vivacious Pink!

I didn't have to do much prep work.  I sanded the desk and hutch down after a quick clean and got to work!

I left the bottom of the hutch untouched because I was going to put cork board there. After I went to Hobby Lobby though, I wasn't happy with how the thin the roll of cork board was. So I found some thicker cork board that came in a rectangle shape and bought two.

They weren't big enough to cover the whole space so I ended up painting the white part pink.

After the pieces were painted I then waxed them with Annie Sloan Clear Wax, mixed with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Antoinette.

Below are some pictures of the end result. The pictures do not do this piece justice.  It is much cuter in person and even my husband loved it when it was done, and he was very hesitant about the Vivacious Pink! The wax gave it a softer and whimsical look.

I painted the knobs with the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Antoinette then touched the edges a bit with the Sherwin Williams Vivacious Pink.

I love the curves on this set. Beautiful!

You can see where I had to space out the cork boards to fit evenly on the hutch.

Don't mind the messy mattress on the ground there...that is a future project as well. ;) 

Oh! I also redid the chair.  I actually did the chair in reverse.  I painted it with the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Antoinette then waxed it with her clear wax mixed with the Sherwin Williams Vivacious Pink.

Here are some pictures.




I took some left over material from my daughters favorite blanket and added it to the chair. It's an easy fix and I think when she gets a little older I will change it out to something a little more elegant but for now that's what she wanted.

I hope you enjoyed this post!  I'd love to hear about any furniture you've redone! Which way would you have done it? Would you have chosen the Vivacious Pink or Antoinette as the main color?  I wanted it all to be like the chair, but I also wanted my daughter to be happy in her room. :)


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