Tuesday, April 13, 2010

What You Hear, Watch and Read

The other night I was driving home from Chino which is about an hour drive.  It was just me and Maddy.

Maddy hates being in her car seat because she loves to be free.  We were only into the drive for about 10 minutes and she started up.  I would talk to her but she didn't care and started crying.

I immediately thought of Enya.  At this point I had a DVD on and it wasn't helping any.  Sometimes having a Disney movie on helps her calm down and she watches it.  Not this time.

I put Enya on and within seconds she calmed down and eventually fell asleep.

While she was sleeping and it was quiet in the background, besides Enya playing softly, it gave me the opportunity to think.

I'm always thinking.  My head hurts sometimes because of this.

I started to think of the day Maddy was born.  She came out kicking and screaming! Feisty little thing.  Throughout our stay in the hospital she would cry a lot.  The only thing that would calm her down was Enya.  Luckily I took my I Phone with me and had her music on it.  I don't know why I even took it but I did.

I thought about how easily Enya calms her down and then realized that maybe that's what Heaven sounds like. 

Can you imagine, this precious little thing had just come from our Heavenly Father (where there is peace, serenity, and I imagine music, like Enya's, playing all the time) to our crazy world.  I had this overwhelming peace overcome me that ,yes, that is how the music is in the Heavens.  I believe Enya brought her back to that comfort zone and reminded her of where she had just came from. 

They say you are what you eat.  I also believe you are what you listen to, read and watch as well.  We forget our purpose and go astray from our Heavenly Father when we listen to and watch certain music and movies. 

A friend wrote a post on her blog about how she went and saw a movie and she left the movie feeling terrible.  I believe even the strongest of persons can be easily influenced by the music they listen to and the movies or shows they watch and books (even blogs) they read.  I know I have at times. 

I believe to stay positive in our daily lives we must feed our minds, hearts and souls with positive "food".  We must pay attention to what we listen to, watch and even read.


  1. Well said Myda. LOVED it. I love Enya too, actually just downloaded a few of her songs onto my ipod recently.
    Cute story about your daughter.

  2. Enya was was the music I always played when I worked in a daycare center. It was very soothing for the babies AND the adults!

    Welcome to SITS! It's great to have you in the SITStahood!

  3. Howdy from the SITs Welcome Wagon:-) I hope you enjoy the party!

  4. Hmmmm... Enya calmed your daughter and made her go to sleep... I think I am going to have to try that with my son. Great post!

    Stopping by from SITS! Welcome!

    Cheers :-)
    - CoconutPalmDesigns

  5. Happy WOW day. Hope you get lots of visitors and good feedback.
    I agree with you completely. We are what we talk about, listen to, watch--all those things that frame our world and environment. Really makes a mom's day challenging to create the perfect world for our kids. There's no way really truth be told. So, a recipe that MIGHT work. Lots of wise parenting choices, mix in meals that you eat together at the table most of the time, heavy dallops of talking and tons of sprinkles of love. works for me anyway.

  6. I hope I'm on your most current page! I'm coming from WOW...just coming to congratulate you on your day in the spotlight! :) I try really hard to see life from the "glass half full" viewpoint, too...and I LOVE Enya...I've followed her - and, if you haven't heard of them, Enigma - since she/they first came out. Enigma's music is very ethereal too and if you haven't discovered them you might find some of their music and try them out, too.

  7. Visiting from BON.

    I think you're right to an extent. I've recently read Warren Buffet's biography and it would be nice to be him.

    But I'm more Sheldon Cooper. I watch Sheldon. I like Sheldon. My brother compares me to SHeldon.

  8. I also believe music, books, tv shows, movies, blogs and even friends influence us mentally. It can make or break our psyche. They can put us in heaven or hell.

  9. Wanted to congratulate you on being featured on WOW...My mind tends to work overtime too. It can be exhausting. I purchased the Enya CD for my husband years ago. Beautiful and calming.

  10. So true. (Visiting from BON) -- I think the key factor in my life is approaching things positively. Too much negativity around us we can't control -- but we can control that!

  11. Please, not for a minute, think I am comparing your beautiful daughter to my dogs, but I have a CD that I play for them when I leave the house or there is a lot going on and I have to put them in their playpen. It's a collection of calming music and soothing sounds that dogs love. I have a Boxer and a Lhasa Apso, and it calms them almost instantly and they fall asleep. I have even started doing yoga to their music.

    Ah, Enya! How wonderful for you and Maddie that you have her in your lives.

    I love this post. Thanks for sharing it.

  12. I can see how Enya might work....Think I'll have to get some Enya for my grandson. The blah children's naptime music just isn't doing the job.


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